About David Veksler

The Bitcoin Consultancy is my platform for sharing what I learned over eight years in the cryptocurrency space, including building a cryptocurrency exchange in 2013, launching a cryptocurrency hedge fund in 2017, and running WalletRecovery.info — a Bitcoin disaster recovery service.

TBC is registered in Colorado as Veksler Consulting LLC.

David Veksler is the Managing Partner of Vellum Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund founded in 2018. At Vellum, he oversees cryptocurrency operations, security, counterparty relationships, market research, and digital marketing.

He has advised thousands of customers on cryptocurrency-related issues, including:

  • Cryptocurrency-related disaster recovery services
  • Custody protocols – for ex, hardware wallets and multi-signature
  • Smart contract projects on Ethereum’s blockchain
  • Workshops on trading, mining, security, and more.